Hand Woven Rugs of Jeans Rags

To add a new touch to the century old Swedish tradition of woven rag mats, I started weaving new rugs out of used jeans. Strong, environmentally friendly, uniquely designed carpets of top quality to decorate all types of floors. I introduce coloured stripes that bring contrast to the different shades of blue.

After having woven ‘ordinary’ rag rugs for many years, the idea sprung to use old jeans pants as rags. It turned out to be a great success! Most of the denim fabrics I recycle are worn out pants from people in my surrounding. The jeans are washed, and then seams, sippers and pockets are removed before I cut strips of the remaining cloth. These strips are woven into the well-stretched warp and packed with strong strokes. The result is a new, stable rag carpet of high quality that can be enjoyed for many, many years. Jeans rags, being made of denim that is a thick and strong fabric with many colour nuances, make both long lasting and beautiful carpets.

I weave floor carpets that are 70 -75 cm wide. All of the rag mats are one-of-a-kind, but can be more or less duplicated in any length. A selection of jeans carpets you find in our Gallery. Contact me with a stock number from the galleries or order a tailor made rag carpet by specifying the colour of the stripes and the length of you mat.

Ann-Helen Eskilsson väverska

Ann-Helen Eskilsson weaver

As a little girl all the long rag rugs lying on the floor at my grand parents in Tornedalen in northern Sweden fascinated me. The dream to create my own rag carpets was born early in life, but did not become reality until much later. Since childhood, through out my whole life, I have been creating domestic crafts and decorative household utilities out of textiles. Many bed covers, potholders and table clothes have been sewn in patchwork. I also did a lot of knitting and crochet handicraft. Just recently weaving has become my main occupation, when I am not working as a schoolteacher. Now, when my three children are grown up, I wish to be able to do more weaving and less teaching.

How to Treat Your Rag Carpets

Preferably you shake the rag carpet outdoors or vacuum it. Traditional the rag rugs are washed with a hard brush and soap on a hard surface such as seaside rocks or wooden bridges. For final rinsing brackish or non-salted water should be used.
The warp might shrink a bit so it is essential to stretch the carpet during drainage and drying. Shorter carpets can be machine washed at low temperature followed by light centrifuging. Dry the carpet horizontally (stripes vertically) in order to avoid miscolouring. Do not use tumbling machine.

Order tailor made carpet

You can either specify the colours, length and pattern of stripes you wish your carpet to have, or you can request a carpet from one of the galleries (please tell me the name of the gallery, the number of the carpet, and what length you would like).

The price is 20€ initial cost + 50€ per meter carpet. Shipping costs are not included.

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